The Saints


Howling was released in Mid 96 through early97-depending where you are in the world -and was the first saints album of the nineties.In the interim period since the last Saints CD "Prodigal Son"Chris Bailey had been recording and touring as a solo performer(see discography)...

Howling is classic Saints,a darkly passionate exploration of the territories of the human soul that most rock bands can`t even get near.In the pantheon of Saints albums this record is their "Heart of Darkness".From the opening track,the purposefully "low-fi"screech of the electric guitars are the perfect soundscape for the tortured journey through the cracked and occasionally tender vignettes of the human condition.It`s a great rock and roll record....

The album was recorded late at night somewhere in 1996,in a variety of positions onto a large tape recorder via a range of recently purchased sex aids and a couple of dodgy microphones.
All of which are highly recommended!

The meisterwerk was produced by a pair of dodgy old bastards in dirty raincoats whilst watching art films in a buddy booth at Madame Fifi`s aquatic emporium and home for wayward young ladies.
The following miscreants conspired to make the racket contained herein
Chris Bailey,Mons Weislander,Ian Walsh,Andreas Jornvill,Joakim Tacke,Lelle Hildebrand.
Thanks to all Saints past and future for providing the rock on which we build.

Track List
Something Somewhere Sometime
Something Wicked
Only Stone
Good Friday
Blown Away
Last and Laughing Mile
You Know I Know
Only Dreaming
Second Coming
All for Nothing.
All tracks C,J,Bailey,except "Good Friday"C,J,Bailey & J,Napolitano.

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