The Saints

The Saints Spit the blues out

Chris Bailey voice, guitar
Michael Bayliss, Bass etc
Peter Wilkinson, drum, organ
Patrick Mathe, harmonica, guitar *
Caspar Weinberg piano bits
Backing Vocals & Percussion (?) Michael Bayliss, Elisabert Corlin, Peter Wilkinson, Brendan Bailey, Chris Bailey

Recorded at Aluna Studio, Amsterdam NL by Caspar Weinberg
Production Brendan Bailey
Executive Production Peter Wilkinson
Production line boozing Chris Bailey & Michael Bayliss

A Gentleman came walking....

A gentleman came walking, black velvet in the afternoon
best disguise the motive before the end is due

The sun fell from the heavens, the day was as black as night
The flame was burning brighter but there was no light

The wind was howling I listen to the banshee wail
The dogs were howling & I was going insane

I am on a Rollercoaster can't you see me slide
I'm going down down down, I'll be here 'till the end of time

I've been drinkin' with the devil & now it's my turn to pay
I got to thinking ( baby ) it's too late to pray

A gentleman came walking & two whores lie in my bed
A gentleman comes walking ...& one lies dead

Spit the blues out

Be my demolition demon
come & rob me of my reason
fat women singing summertime
& the livin' isn't fine

Carve me up & frame me
lacy petticoated frenzy
foaming pygmies on the borderline
sharks waiting in every room
pie eyed virgins moaning wail
you enjoy this I can tell...

join the kareoke singers
foul of breath & still they linger
caped crusaders play the vibraphone
transvestite farmers throw the dog a bone
beaten & buggered in a stately home
television call girls scream
now the ??? are getting me...

Don't you want to dig a big hole baby
Don't you want to drive the whole world crazy
Don't you want to do the watusi baby
Blah bla bla bla blah...

Spit the blues out...One more time

Waiting for God (OH!)

I was waiting for god on the corner outside the bordello
He was inside drinking wine underneath the piano
& with bloodshot weary eyes
the audience was mesmerized
his trick with the fish had them rolling in the aisles

Stinking of gin I crept to the foot of the altar
Having tasted the bread, I wasn't sure of what would come after
& then before my eyes
water became wine
so sodden with drink & unable to think I surrendered

So the mystery
Naked & meaningless
Confronts me as I slip away
In the delirium
Savage & tedious
The blood gets drunk & we go home

Stalling for time I decide to deride my companion
He gets distracted once more by a convenient whore with a footbath
Then before my eyes
He disappears & I am left in the dark feeling shagged & none the wiser

I want to get paid the wages of sin...

Drunken Angel

At a million miles a minute
I'm going no where today
Being well & truly in it
There's nothing much to say
but I would go anywhere
if you were by my side
& we could do anything,
anything that you'd like...

I'm waiting for the time you change water into wine
Swine into silk & make gold from simple twine...
This world is dangerous
Verging on the insane
Maybe you're the thing that keeps me in the line

There is a drunken angel watching over me
& I can do anything as long as it's with me...

I'm getting lost in the mists of time
Taking a break from an untidy mind
( but ) still looking for the that one good time...

I'm standing on an island staring into space
Darkness before my eyes
& rain upon my face
I can do anything because you are by my side
& we can go anywhere, anywhere that you'd like

The beginning of a beautiful friendship louis

You got the motor running...
You've got the machine
I guess you're going somewhere
Maybe you've been?
All the sins of my life
They're on holiday
So if you see them
Tell them I'm OK...
C'mon up
C'mon up & ride it
C'mon up
C'mon up & ride it

The local bondage madam
stinking of gin
Asked me a favour
I couldn't slip it in
Me I'm the bus conductor
I like the way it sounds
I like a locomotive
& living underground
C'mon up
C'mon up & ride it
C'mon up
C'mon up & ride it

Mojo Erectus howls

The elements were howling
Moses on the mountain slept
he hadn't got the message yet
and I didn't want to be the one to wake him up

So fatten up the sacred cows
lets get the butchers to do their stuff
so sharpen up the forks and knives
get ready for the sacrifice.

I want the godless gift of paradise,
I want to feel you deep inside.
wild and weirdly the black cat's moan
give me the voodoo that I want.

me.......I want to go howling, howling at the moon
I want to go prowling where I don't belong.

because I've got my eye on you
and I know that you want me too
you make me feel alright
I think I'll keep it up all night.

Cinderella in the whorehouse wept
next to the bed in which I slept
I slipped it out at quarter past twelve
she had to leave she couldn't help herself
just like me she had to go howling etc...

Where did my mind go?

Someone is talking at me, sounds like a radio
I hear the words, what they mean I don't know
Dazed & confused & lined up for the freak show
I've got a ticket but the line moves too slow
I put my faith in things I can't see
Sooner or later that'll do for me

The wolves are howling & the wind starts to blow
I'm want to look but I can't find a window
Everyone else is crossing over the picket line
& we think that we're all having such a good time
I put my faith in things I can't see
Sooner or later that'll do for me

good god where did the time go
good god where did my mind go
I'm just staring out the window

Before you accuse me *

Before you accuse me take a look at yourself
You say I been spending my money on other women
But you've running with someone else

I called your mama 'bout three or four nights ago
Well your mother said son
don't call my daughter no more

Before you accuse me take a look at yourself
Well now you say I've running around
But you got someone else

C'mon back home baby try my love one more time
Well now you've been gone away so long I'm gonna lose my mind

Before you accuse me take a look at yourself
Well now you say I've been buying other women's clothes
You've been taking money from someone else

Fuckin' bitch................!

I Got to be with you tonight

I got to be with you tonight
Tomorrow I know that you'll be gone
I 'll be hugging my pillow baby
What can I do with these empty arms
Only you can love me right
I want to be with you tonight

I want to hold you before you go
'cause when you're gone I'll miss you so
tomorrow you'll be with some one else
I'll be alone & by myself
You'll leave me baby & that ain't right
I got to be with you tonight

It hurts me too *

You said you was hurtin', you almost lost your mind
Now, the man you love, he hurt you all the time
But, when things go wrong, go wrong with you,
it hurts me too.....

You'll love him more when you should love him less
Why lick up behind him and take his mess
But when things go wrong, go wrong with you,
it hurts me too.......

He loves another woman, yes, I love you
But, you love him and stick to him like glue
When things go wrong, go wrong with you,
it hurts me too.......

Now, he better leave you or you better put him down
No, I won't stand to see you pushed around
But, when things go wrong,go wrong with you,
it hurts me too........

Who's been talking?

My baby caught the train & left me all alone
She know I love her but she done me wrong

My baby bought a ticket long as her left arm
She says she gonna ride as long as I've been from home

So who's been talking ' bout everything I do
Well you is my baby & I hate to lose

So goodbye baby I hate to see you go
You know I love you but I'm the cause of your fall

You got a tale babe *

Well, I'm going to the corner
Going to buy a diamond ring
going to buy a sliver parrot
& another big thing
put them in gold sack
& send them to your house
Then I'm gonna catch a bus
& buy myself a whore
You gotta tell me
Yeah you gotta tell me
You gotta tell me baby
What's wrong with you

I'm gonna buy a charismatic
electric,shiny business man
Take the treasures of the world
& put them in a can
I'll do the watusi
The shimmy, shag too
I'll do anything that you tell me too

You gotta tell me
Yeah you gotta tell me
You gotta tell me baby
What's wrong with you

I'm gonna travel 'round the world
Going to live in a tent
foam at the mouth
start a government
I'll do everything
That a manly man can
if that don't get you going
then too bad

I'll dress up like a nun
& do the nappy man dance
I'll get myself some voodoo
& put me in a trance
take every herb & spice
& put them in a pot
baby then I want to show everything I got
You gotta tell me
Yeah you gotta tell me
You gotta tell me baby
What's wrong with you