The Album was recorded at Rockfield studio Wales winter`85
Engineered by Hugh Jones.
Mixed at Eden Studios London.
by Hugh Jones and Neil King
Produced by Chris Bailey and Hugh Jones.

The Saints

Chris Bailey,vocals,guitar
Richard Burgman,guitar
Arturo Larizza,bass
Ivor Hay,drums
plus a cast of thousands....
all songs by C.J.Bailey
Lost Music\Mushroom Music

Track Listing

Just like fire would
First time
Hymn to saint Jude
See you in paradise
Love or imagination
Celtic ballad
Empty page
Big hits on the underground
How to avoid disaster
Blues on my mind
Temple of the lord
All fools day

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 A Little madness to be free

All Fools Day > Customer Review #1:

I found this a couple of months ago in a used cd bin. I was attracted to the name and the album cover. I played it expecting to hate it and I ended up loving it. From Just Like Fire Would to the beautiful See you in Paradise and the title song,I just cant get enough of Chris Bailey and his Saints. This cd has everything, pop, soul and a little gosple thrown in. Love or Imagination, this cd is all you need.

All Fools Day > Customer Review #2:

Thank you for giving me a chance to re-discover one of my favorite records from the 80s, which is not to say that it sounds dated at all. Ten years had passed since Chris Bailey and the awesome-aussies known as the Saints released their first album, the vicious "(Im) Stranded" and their music had grown by leaps and bounds. "All Fools Day" deserves a place beside some of the greatest rock and roll records of all time. "Let it Bleed","Whos Next","London Callling","Imperial Bedroom", Id put this record against any of them. Chris Bailey IS the Saints and his voice had aged like fine wine by the time this album was conceived, giving him a very Van Morrrison like growl. And the boy has got soul, always had. The lead-off track "Just Like Fire Would," actually had minor rotation on MTV at the time, but there is so much more. From the slashing guitar of "First Time" to the majestic beauty of "Celtic Ballad," Bailey colors his songs with an awesome horn section, traditional folk instruments, and always, hard rockin guitar. In a perfect world, "Temple of the Lord" would have been a hit single. As the band hammers that motown beat behind him, Bailey and Co. rock this song with such abandon that it feels like a worship service in the Church of Rock and Roll and Chris Bailey is the preacher. All Fools Day" will lift you out of your musical doldrums, it is perfect from first to last cut. This album made a believer of me, the Saints rule!

Customer Review #3:

Great Powerpop

The "critical review" above makes no sense. I dont see why this Saints album is so much like the Sixties.

This is a fine powerpop album like Midnight Oil without the politics. Also more variety: The First Time is punkish; another song is Celtic; the title track is a slower, very cinematic piece. Plus the great single, Big Hits On the Underground.