The Saints

Liner Notes 7799…
Big hits on the underground.

The tracks on this compilation are taken from the following albums
I'm stranded

Eternally yours
Prehistoric sounds
Monkey puzzle
Out in the jungle
A little madness to be free
All fools day
Prodigal son
Everybody knows the monkey

Original Labels
EMI / Harvest
Lost Records
New Rose
Mushroom Records
Lost Records
Blue Rose

The principle players on the various albums are as follows: [with the exception of Chris Bailey who has appeared on all albums by The Saints]
I'm stranded Ed Kuepper, Ivor Hay, Kym Bradshaw
Eternally Yours Ed Kuepper, Ivor Hay, Alisdair Ward, Roger Cawkwell
Prehistoric Sounds Ed Kuepper, Ivor Hay, Alisdair Ward, Roger Cawkwell
Monkey Puzzle Barrington, Janine Hall, and Mark Birmingham
Out in the jungle Iain Shedden, Janine Hall, Roger Cawkwell, Brian James
A little madness to be free Chris Burnham, Ivor Hay, Iain Shedden, Dick Daniels
All fools day Arturo Larizza, Ivor Hay, Richard Burgman, Roger Cawkwell
Prodigal Son Barrington, Arturo Larizza, Iain Shedden Joe Chiofalo
Howling Mons Weislander, Joachim Tack, Ian Walsh, Andreas Jornvill
Everybody knows the monkey Michael Bayliss, Andy Faulkner, Martin Bjerregaard 
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Engineers & Studios
Rod Coe : Bruce Windows studio Brisbane & EMI 301
Bill Price,Jeremy Spencer Green : The Round House & Wessex Studio London
Bill Price,Jeremy Spencer Green : Wessex Studio London
Gerry Nixon : EMI 301 Sydney
Jess Sutcliffe & Irene Kelly : Matrix Studio London
Tony Cohen & David Hemmings : ATA studios Sydney & Alberts Sydney
Hugh Jones & Neil King : Rockfield Studios Wales & Eden Studio London
Brian Mcghee + Robbie Norris : Redan Recorders London & Quadraphonic Studio
Lelle Hilderbrand & Joachim Tack : Dundret Malmo Sweden
Martin Hennel : Studion Malmo Sweden

Liner Notes

There have been other saint's compilations but this is the first that I have had anything to do with personally. The tunes on this CD range from the first LP through to the present and we hope we have picked those that best capture each passing phase of the band.
As this is a liner note I suppose I should be indulging in a nauseating sea of hyperbole & nostalgia ... but that wouldn't be in keeping with my concept of what the group is & has always been about. I hope the music speaks for itself without the need for much eulogizing on my part.

Despite never being quite hip to the demands of fashion or the dictates of the bizz, we [the radical femnist collective] have managed to hang on tenaciously to the frock end of the mad beast that is showbizz - in itself a not unremarkable feat!.. The raving egocentric bastard that dwells within would like to claim credit for this… however that would be remiss, as without our ever evolving 'casts of thousands' this would not have been possible. So just like the blushing beauty queen in the pageant I suppose I should use this dedication as an opportunity to express my thanks? appreciation? respect? love? to all who have sailed in the glorious debacle that are,
The Saints
If ship be the metaphor ............. Long may she sail!

Chris Bailey
Spring 99

Thanks to Tania Wilson & Ian James from Mushroom Records & Publishing respectively.
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Track listing CD # 1
1) I'm stranded
2) No Time
3) Know your product
4) No you're product
5) Swing for the crime
6) All times through paradise
7) The chameleon
8) Save Me
9) In the mirror
10) Always
11) Follow the leader
12) Rescue
13) Casablanca
14) Ghost Ships
15) Photograph
16) Down the drain

Track listing CD # 2

17) Just like fire would
18) All fools day
19) How to avoid disaster
20) Temple of the lord
21) Big hits on the underground
22) Blues on my mind
23) Grain of sand
24) Stay
25) Fire & brimstone
26) Before hollywood
27) Shipwreck
28) Howling
29) Something wicked
30) Only dreaming
31) Fall of an empire
32) Easy money
33) S+M+M's
34) Mustard

Tracks 1 - 7 CJ Bailey & E Kuepper copyright Saints Music / Mushroom Music
Track 8 A Franklin C Ousley.
Tracks 9 - 34 CJ Bailey copyright Lost Music / Mushroom Music
Included in the CD are four bonus "live tracks" recorded for the ABC program "live at the wireless" during the band's last Australian tour.

  1. 1 Simple Love : CJ Bailey
  2. 2 Know your product : CJ Bailey & E Kuepper
  3. 3 Good Friday : CJ Bailey & J Napolitano
  4. 4 What do you want : CJ Bailey

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