The Band has been in the studio & the new album
" Spit The Blues Out " is now DONE & available on New Rose.......

The new " new album " is as it comes to hand.

Rumour has it that it is a very brassy affair....!!!

Raven Records to release New CD

Good news for Australian fans, Raven Records are to release
Spit the blues out. The release is expected to be followed up by a long overdue Australian Tour.

The Raven CD will also contain " bonus tracks " of previously unreleased material.

Stay tuned for details....

US Release expected soon

Details are expected soon about the US release of " Spit ".

Hulstfred Festival

Bailey will be guesting with Swdedish band The Nomads at this years festival. The band are celebrating their anniversary & chose Bailey as their special guest.
Should be good clean fun for all the family....!

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