The Saints Member Page

Bailey Chris (v,g,org.etc) 1976-present
Balmanno Doug (b)pre -the flood
Bayliss Michael (b) 1996-present
Birmingham Mark (d) 1980-1981
Bjerregard Marty (d) 1996-present
Bradshaw Kym (b) 1976-1977 The Small Hours (UK)
Burgman Richard (g) 1985 Shy Imposters, The Sunnyboys, Coupe de Ville, Shots in the Dark, James Griffin and The Subterraneans, The Joeys, Weddings,Parties,Anything, Da Brudders
Burnham Chris (g) 1982,1989 Moby Dick, Supernaut, Nauts, This Condition, This is This, Stupidity
Callaway Cub (g) 1979-1981 Teddies, X Men, The New Christs, Coupe De Ville
Chiofalo Joe (k) 1987-1991-New Yawk New Yawk-A fine saint if ever there was one-
Cuffe Laurie (g) 1982-1983 Cuban Heels (UK)
Elliott Louise (sax) 1985 The Layabouts, Jay and The Cockroaches, Laughing Clowns, Tap Dance, James Griffin and The Subterraneans, Kings Of The World
Erez Dror (k) 1991 Identities, Chris Bailey Combo, The Drawcards, Rose Amongst Thorns, Sherine, Crown Of Thorns, Blackmale, Vika Bull Band
Faulkner Andy (g) 1996-present
Francis Barry aka Barrington (g) 1979 and on & off through the 80's,likely to return without warning..!
Hall Janine (b) 1980-1982, Young Charlatans, The Teddies, Skolars, Wolfgang, James Griffin and The Subterraneans, Weddings, Parties, Anything, Kings Of The World, The Lost Weekend, Red Dress
Hay Ivor (d,k,b,org) 1976-1978,1981,1985-1987,2007,2009 The Hitmen, Angie Pepper Group, Wildlife Documentaries, Chris Boy King and The Kamloops Swing
Jones Peter (d) 1991 Crowded House
Jörnvill Andreas (d) 1996
Kuepper Ed (g) 1976-1978,1984,2007,2009 Laughing Clowns,The Yard goes on Forever,Oxley Creek Playboys
LaRizza Arturo (b) 1986-1989,2004,2009 The Distressed Innocents, The Noise, Innocents, Midnight Specials, The Shivers, Love and Squalor, Chris Bailey and The General Dog, Chuck Skatt and his Icecream Hands, likely to return with out warning
Nystrom Eddie (g) 1987 to present Chris Bailey, Willie Nile, Eric Bazilian, Electric Baby Moses
Mysterio Laurie??
(d) pre recording
Pew Tracey (b) 1984 Boys Next Door, Birthday Party,
Shedden Iain (d) 1982,1984-1985,1988-1990,2004 The Small Hours (UK), Chris Bailey and The General Dog,The Jolt. Iain will no doubt be a permanent fixture at the bar in Saintsville
Täck Joakim (b) 1996
Walsh Ian (g) 1996
Ward Alistair (b) 1977-1978 The Damned (UK), Tank (UK)
Wegener Jeffrey (d) 1976 Streetlife, Last Words, Out Of Nowhere, Laughing Clowns,The Young Charlatans,Immortal Souls
Wieslander Mons (g) 1996
Wilkinson Peter (d) 1999 to present & christ knows where that will lead...
Wijnberg Caspar (b) the 21st century & beyond....!!!
Willson Piper Marty
(g) another 21st century dude..!!!

& on & on we go...