Deep in the heart of Amsterdam's anarchic underground scene a fire has been lit.

The flames fanned by the ill winds of our times have been captured on “Nothing is straight in my house”….

The new Saints album is done & dusted.

Twelve songs hammered into shape in a three week creative furnace. Loud, noisy, passionate and demented this outlaw art reflects not only the current state of The Saints but the world we live in.

Fronted by Chris Bailey vocals, guitars aided and abetted by Marty Willson – Piper - guitar, Caspar Wijnberg bass and drummer Pete Wilkinson these Saints aim to capture hearts and minds and free bodies in 2005.

Working with engineer John Morand this upbeat combo have been mapping out the surreal psychotic soul of our surroundings. The songs inspired by the fear & loathing of our times reverberate with rock 'n' roll’s primal energy.

Kicking off with the ferocious drum tattooed "Porno Movies" – “Nothing is straight in my house” careers headlong into an adrenalin fuelled maelstrom of guitars and howling vocals that take you on a savage trip where "A Madman Wrecks My Happy Home" you start "Digging A Hole" and end up "Taking Tea With Aphrodite".

“Nothing is straight in my house” is full on; what little respite that is on offer is populated by a cast of dysfunctional freaks, geeks, and all manner of strange happenings that manifest in songs like; "Paint The Town Electric" and "Nylon Pirates". The Saints are more focused than ever.

With a forty eight date tour of Europe already confirmed you can be sure that the "Burning Bush Europa 05" crusade will be rampaging somewhere in your vicinity – Click Here for dates…

Rock 'n' Roll and all it stands for needs once more to man the barricades, the revolution starts now and The Saints are sending out a rallying call. There is no longer anything straight in any of our houses so let’s add to the fire.

Start burning your Bush now........