The Saints

Permanent Revolution was released as an "official bootleg"
by Mushroom Records in 1991 but in reality it is a collection of "demos" for either Chris Bailey or Saints albums
Several of the tracks have yet to be recorded on "real"albums if in fact they ever will from that point of veiw this is a fairly interesting collection of "works in progress"
As an album in it`s own right it has it`s own peculiar charm... 

Track Listing
Grain of Sand
One Night With You
Wild And Wicked World
Pick Up The Pieces
Running Away
Revolution In My Life
Friday The 13th
Love Or Imagination
Cartoon Life
Idiot Life

All Tracks copyright Lost Music\Mushroom Music
except One Night With You by Bartholomew\King Alberts Music
Produced by the Trackdown team for General Dog

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