The Saints

A new millenium... A new Saints album.....

There are those who would have you believe Rock'n'Roll has had it's day. Singing Barbie dolls, bland ' boy band ' pop and corporate rock dominate the marketplace, sound familiar? Plastic pop burgers sold on drive thru radio.

The boys and girls have been sent back to the disco and those who are about to rock take their seats in the stadium and gawp through goggle box eyes at giant video screens making icons out of the little souls on the set.

The 90's, sold in as the caring decade, sold out as the collecting decade, Christ, you could even buy a limited edition chocolate bar. The glossy monthly music / lifestyle magazines sucking corporate cock, revising, restyling, remixing, remastering, reissuing, reselling, retarding.....
... It is re-assuring then that all power in the future may not rely on microchips or the emasculated products of the corporates. The Saints have made the blues album " for the 21st century.....Filled to overflowing with flesh & blood songs that burn, rather than the tepid outpourings that are the current disco driven norm.

Eight new tracks of awesome power & divine intervention - this record is godlike - coupled with four cover versions of classic blues songs that have not lost their resonance.The Saints revitalised renditions make them as vibrant as when they were first recorded. This record proves once again that selling out " to the fickle fashions of showbiz " is no guarantee for longevity or success..... Years after the " corporate success " of their first record the Saints continue to baffle their critics & delight everyone who falls under their spell.

" Spit the blues out " captures the power that was injected into rock & roll - when rock & Roll was still sexy & dangerous..... The " Disney World " pre pubescent horror that rock music has become is absent from every track on this album. No snotty masturbatory MTV posing here.........This is a rock & roll as it should be played................

As your world becomes increasingly more " organised / streamlined / digitised / re packaged & resold to you" do yourself a favour & embrace the thrusting sonic delight that is The Saints......... !

Recorded in Amsterdam, the album highlights Bailey's songwriting at it's best. Mixing originals and covers that reflect the grim & greedy theme park we live in today. Drinking songs, sad songs, rocking songs and fuck songs. Songs that speak to you of the world, not some homogenised world view, thrust on you like some de-sensitising body-glove... The ruggedly tight playing of Michael Bayliss & Peter Wilkinson provides the perfect background for Bailey's incessant guitar & powerful voice. Joining the group on harmonica is Patrick Mathé - long time Saints ally & founder of New Rose - It is strange that artists & record executives share the same passion for music & probably even rarer for them to do anything about it...but then this is " Saints World " where we come to expect the unexpected.

So while the corporates continue to churn out their homogenised sugar coated disco pap & bland pop rock The Saints & New Rose remain committed to releasing records for those of us who prefer music that doesn't reek of exploitation or seek to condescend to us as though we were mindless morons.