The Saints I'm Stranded

{I'm} Stranded
Like a snake calling on the phone
I've got no time to be alone
there is some one coming at me all the time
babe I think I'll lose my mind
'cause I'm stranded on my own
stranded far from home
I'm riding on a midnight train
& everybody looks just the same
a subway light it's dirty reflection
I'm lost I don't have a direction
I'm stranded etc etc
Look at me looking at you
there ain't a thing that I can do
you are lost your mind is a whirl
baby such a stupid girl
I'm stranded etc etc
Livin' in a world insane
they cut out some heart & some brain
'been filling it up with dirt
do you know how much it hurts...
to be...stranded etc....

Stranded I'm so far from home
Stranded yeah I am on my own
Stranded why don't you leave me alone

One Way Street
On the left on the right it's all the same
people everywhere are still playing the same old game
for a dime they put you down lay you in your grave
put you down when you are not around
drives you insane
That's why I gotta get some changes made
Honey want to rearrange some day
c'mon little girl my mind is getting sick of today
Uptown downtown acting just like you should
even if you play their game it won't do you no good
there are too many creeps out there hungry for your blood
they put you down when you are not around
drives you insane
That's why etc etc...
Dont know why sometimes I don't feel like trying
seeing everybody just drives me mad
if they don't like it I guess that's just too bad
it's just driving me mad.....

No time
She can be a rich babe or she can be poor
be entertaining or be a bore
drive a mini cooper or caddilac
But I gotta tell ya there is no turning back
'cause I got No Time
I got no time for messing around
You can consider
you can make you stand
you can take your little lover by the hand
you can run around jump up & down
but you don't get me I won't be your clown
I got no time etc etc....
Hey baby there is a brand new sound
called people living underground
It's a story about raising hell
It's my life I know so well
& there ain't a thing that you can do
You can laugh you can cry
you can live your life & then you die
walk around with your hand in the air
but you talk like that you don't get nowhere

Wild about you#
You make me feel like a savage
running through the jungle after you
I'm like a wild man on a rampage
I found the safari babe
but where are you
I feel like a horrible creature
I don't want to scare you
you look so good that I could eat you
but I wouldn't kiss a steak so I won't eat you
I'm wild about the way out clothes you wear
your pretty dresses your teased up hair
you laugh at me when I'm staring at you
you laugh at me but you're lovin' it too
'cause you're wild - I'm wild about you
you're wild - & I'm wild about you

Messin' with the kid
It ain't too easy being a young man
going round in circles all of the time
you've played their game now for so long can't see
what in the world are they trying to do to me
Sometimes you get that old lost feeling
Sometimes it hits you when you're feeling down
It's that old feeling that brings you down
I say it makes you crawl, right up the nearest wall

You walk down the main street out in the city
see all the girls now they are so pretty
but all their smiling faces are just going to pass you by
it don't make no difference
no matter how hard you try..
Sometimes etc etc
You been hanging around the alleys hanging around the bars looking for some fun but there is none & there you are...
looking for some action looking for some fun but you are down in the gfutter & you don't get none no no there is nothing left to do.....

How do you feel now that it's all over
your kid dreams all melted under the sun
just like a kid take a trip down to the sea
I am struck out in the middle
with nothing left to say
Sometimes etc etc

Erotic Neurotic
I wanna be your lover baby
I wanna be your man
won't you let me be your lover baby
I'll help you understand etc etc etc ad nauseum.....

Kissin' Cousins#
Well I got a gal & she's as cute as she can be
she's a distant cousin but she's ain't too distant for me
& we kiss - all night
I squeeze her tight
but we're kissin' cousins & that's what makes it allright
I know a gal & she taught me how to live
well she gives a lot & boy she's got a lot to give
that's the kind of trouble I want me plenty of
& we kiss...etc etc
We're all cousins that I truly believe
long lost children of Adam & Eve
Now I got a dame & she want a lot of love
& that's the kind of trouble that want me plenty of....

Story of Love*
What's that you say girl
you did it all for me
but you didn't want to
lose your nobility
it sounds so wrong when you say it
it sounds so wrong when you say
I'm not playing your fool
but that's the story of love.....

Demolition Girl*
I'll make you crawl
I'll make you so sad you were mine
I'll make you stall
& I'm sure that you will find
I'm telling you I don't let go until I'm through
I'll make you cry
I'll make you wish that you could die
I'm gonna be your be your demolition girl

Nights in Venice
It's so black as I crash into the backroom
feel so sick listen to the girls moan
my eyes they water & my knees are weak
I fall down every time you speak
Shine on shine my little star
up above the world that you are
shine on now you don't give me no love
hit me like a deathray baby from above
Speeding down the highway you got no time to waste
brain all used up just like the human race
head spinning around from the 39th highball
been talking to a queen who's nothing but a screwball
Shine on etc etc....
24 hours till the end of the show boy
if you are looking for love that don't give you much time
if your baby's by your side you are gonna see her cry
& when you look into her eyes it won't bring you no joy
psycho babble then,
East side west side it all looks the same now
don't need nobody & you don't care nohow
don't need no love don't need no hate
you were screaming so loud but it was much too late

all titles CJ Bailey/E Kuepper
*E Kuepper
copyright Saints Music/Mushroom Music